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Here is what a few teachers said about about our products and website. Thanks! "I've already found your new website very useful for viewing your merchandise and purchasing resources for my classroom." Judy Lee Nowra High School (NSW) "Teachers of LOTE are always struggling to find new ways and new resources to keep their language alive in the classroom and I was really impressed with the variety of resources you are offering. As usual budgets are always a problem and teachers have to be selected in what they purchase. My problem is that I WANT ALL of your resources but can only afford a few at least for this year. I think the prize packs are an ingenious idea and much better than giving out the “gula-gula”. Flashcards are always a problem with limited topics, not covering every word that you want to introduce in the classroom and being cartoons not always captivating for the students. I loved your realistic flashcards and appreciate the fact that there are so many on the one topic and being culturally relevant gives greater scope for using them in the classroom." Jennifer McLaren Weeroona College Bendingo (VIC) "Your website looks great! I reallly like the wooden flashcards - they are culturally relevant which mostly you don't find. The puppet idea is great, I have never thought of doing that. You really need to coax boys into speaking, it's not generally one of their strong points!" Sarah Hansen The Scots College Sydney (NSW) Congratulations. Great site. Nice clear setting out and the coloured pictures of the products are excellent. Bit disappointed there are no examples of the flashcards. More details on your services page would be appreciated e.g costs, details of P.D. programs on offer and the types of consultancy services offered. Perhaps some feedback from schools who have already used these services. Again a site that helps Indo teachers do their job more efficiently. Thanks Nellie Phillips Toongabbie Primary School (VIC) And the most important critics....the students! "I am a student at St. Catherine's school in Sydney. This year I have been learning Bahasa Indonesia and recently my class has been studying food. We have learnt how to order food and drinks in a restaurant. We have also been learning the names of different fruits etc and how to bargain for them in the pasar this is where your fruit flash cards have proven to be very helpful. I would strongly recommend these to future students. Terima kasih." Nell Grant St Catherine's School Sydney (NSW) 

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