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Price rise for 2011

Dear valued customers,

Many of you who have been purchasing resources from Indo Ink over the last 10 years will know that we try very hard not to increase prices. There are some products that are still the same price as 10 years ago! There are not many businesses that can make that claim. Last year in February the cost of shipping goods from Indonesia doubled overnight with no warning. Indo Ink has had to absorb those costs over the past year. We have had to increase the price on some goods this year to try to cover these high increases in shipping, as well as the usual increase in purchasing the goods in Indonesia.

Many of our customers will not know that most of the money made from Indo Ink goes to supporting families in Indonesia, through the wages they recieve for working for Indo Ink, but also for money donated to them to pay for school fees, pay for doctor and hospital fees and other emergencies as they arise. With this in mind, we hope that you understand our need to increase our prices and keep the business going.

We look forward to meeting our aim to increase cultural understanding in Australian schools through the use of authentic Indonesian realia. 

Yours sincerely, Heather


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