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Indonesian Monopoly AND Snakes and Ladders in one


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Quality made, these Monopoly sets contain all you need to start buying and trading including board, dice, counters and money (in rupiah of course!). But forget about Piccadilly and St'll be trading Indonesian companies including kayu, listrik, karet dan sepatu! Each square is illustrated to help your students and the Opportunity and Chance cards are in Indonesian. This product is perfect for engaging senior students in meaningful language practice while also encouraging them to have fun as they learn.

But of course that's not all. The reverse side has a very cute version of snakes and ladders. To move up a ladder you need to land on a square like Membersihkan kamar or Belajar. Beware, land on Mabuk or Malas and you'll end up back at the start. Again, the gorgeous illustrations will help students understand the language as well as raising their understanding of Indonesian culture.
Key Benefits

* Engages students in meaningful and authentic language application
* Two fun games in one
* Culturally relevant
* Perfect for senior students (9-12) or intermediate level speakers


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