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Indo Pix-Photo Flashcards - Body


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These A4 sized, full-colour flashcards are authentic images from Indonesia and come in a range of sets including PLACES, TRANSPORT, JOBS, FOOD, HOUSE, FRUIT, FAMILY, BODY and FACE, CLOTHING, COOKING and ACTIVITIES. So much better than generic 'clipart' style flashcards, these flashcards are filled with detail from all aspects of Indonesian life.

The flashcards are double sided - with the image on one side and a caption clearly printed on the other. The flashcards come laminated and ready to use and will engage and inspire your students.

BODY (including face, 24 cards)
Kepala - Head
Rambut - Hair
Mata - Eye
Hidung - Nose
Telinga - Ear
Pipi - Cheek
Mulut - Mouth
Bibir - Lips
Gigi - Teeth
Leher - Neck
Bahu - Shoulder
Lengan - Arm
Siku - Elbow
Tangan - Hand
Jari tangan - finger
Perut - Stomach
Pantat - Bottom
Lutut - Knee
Kaki - Leg
Kaki - Foot
Jari kaki - Toe
Dada - chest
Punggung - Back
Lidah - Tongue

Key Benefits

* Laminated with or without a caption.
* Perfect for all levels, especially upper secondary
* Endless uses.
* Encourage both language and cultural knowledge.
* New cards are regularly added to the sets.
* Sets can be custom made for a 20% surcharge.
* Culturally relevant.

Price : AUD$4 per card with caption or AUD$3 per card without caption.


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