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School Uniforms


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Your students will love these Indonesian school uniforms. The uniforms are hand made in Indonesia and include school badges. There are four different uniforms, available in a range of sizes.

Red and White (Primary School) - Worn by all boys and girls attending Indonesian government Primary schools (Sekolah Dasar). These uniforms have a white shirt and a red skirt for girls and red shorts for boys. The boys uniform also includes a school tie and both include a hat.

White and Blue (Junior Secondary School) - This style of uniform is worn by junior high school students (SMP) attending government schools. The uniform includes a white shirt and a dark blue skirt for girls and a white shirt and blue shorts for boys. Both include a hat.

White and Grey (Senior High School) - The grey and white uniform is worn by senior high school students (SMA) and includes a white shirt with a grey skirt for girls and grey shorts for boys. Both include a hat.

Seragam Pramuka - The brown uniform (shown above) is worn by all students in government schools on Fridays and Saturdays for their pramuka studies. It includes a beige shirt and a chocolate brown skirt for girls or brown shorts for boys. Both include a hat.

All the uniforms include authentic badges and are durable- so they're great for students.
Key Benefits

* Authentic
* Culturally relevant
* Can be displayed or used in a role-play performance
* Suitable K-12.

Price: $45 each set - please specify if you want girls/ boys set or both


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