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16-10-2018  Japan Ink - Japanese teaching resources  [read article] 
16-10-2018  EAL and Multicultural teaching resources  [read article] 
06-06-2018  Sister Schools in Bandung  [read article] 
29-05-2018  Pedagang kaki lima display!  [read article] 
18-10-2017  New discounts!  [read article] 
26-01-2016  Some great new products!  [read article] 
15-05-2014  Book Descriptions on YouTube  [read article] 
15-05-2014  Facebook  [read article] 
10-02-2014  An innovative way to make a display!  [read article] 
28-10-2012  Australia in the Asian Century  [read article] 
01-02-2013  Welcome back!  [read article] 
22-08-2012  New Products  [read article] 
23-01-2012  Indo Ink has a new owner!  [read article] 
15-11-2011  Lestari Theatre Group   [read article] 
09-02-2011  Creative exchange between children, Indonesia/Australia  [read article] 
09-02-2011  Site for creating a virtual trip!  [read article] 
09-02-2011  Sites2See Yogyakarta - live on TaLe  [read article] 
  Vocab revision  [read article] 
09-02-2011  Video: cities without maps. Set in Yogya  [read article] 
09-02-2011  Go Indonesia! Interactive website  [read article] 
09-02-2011  Biodata forms for Masterchef Indonesia to download. Lots of fun for your students!  [read article] 
19-01-2011  Price rise for 2011  [read article] 
  Help Save the Orangutan!  [read article] 
22-08-2012  New Products  [read article] 
  toggletext - translation service  [read article] 
  Link to Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. Click here for 'berita hangat'  [read article] 
  Here is a great website for making games!  [read article] 
  WHAT TEACHERS THINK  [read article]