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Indonesian Flag Badge
 A great prize for a worthy student at the end of each term or for great work on a test or assignment!

Key Benefits

* Culturally relevant
* A grea...
Umbul-umbul Balinese Flag - Plain or Checked
 Add that special Balinese 'suasana' (atmosphere) to your school or classroom! Make people feel they are in Bali by flying some 'umbul-umbul' at the front of your school for those s...
Culturally relevant Storybook
 These storybooks have culturally relevant images, giving you a lot to discuss with your students. They'll see pictures of students in their SD uniforms, adults wearing blangkon or ...
Indonesian Flag
 Fly the Merah Putih! Every school teaching Indonesian needs one to show to the students and to fly on special language or cultural days!
The flag has three ties on the side,...
Class pet, cicak!
 Whilst the idea of a class pet can be costly and time consuming, the cicak is the perfect option!
This cicak doesn't require maintenance, feeding or a visit to the vet and yo...
Indonesian Sign - NEW SIGNS!
 Display authentic signs from Indonesia in the classroom and throughout the school to teach new language and immerse your students in the culture. For example if you are teaching im...
Canting (Batik Tool)
 Why try explaining what a canting looks like when you can show your students the real thing? With careful supervision your students could use these Javanese canting to make batik. ...
Batik fans
 Everywhere you go in Indonesia you will find batik fans. These are made from bamboo and batik cloth. The sturdy design enables the fans to be used time and again.
With a va...
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