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Indonesian Monopoly AND Snakes and Ladders in one

Quality made, these Monopoly sets contain all you need to start buying and trading including board, dice, counters and money (in rupiah of course!)....
 Played all over Indonesia this game will provide your students with hours of fun. Complete with the small plastic 'shells', the game is quick to set up and moves at a fast pace. ...
Permainan Kreatif - Creative Games NEW!
 This innovative book has 50 games and activities for inside and outside the classroom. Each double page spread has a culturally relevant picture, description, aims for the game, cl...
Congklak Shells
 Replacement congklak shells will come in handy when your current 'counters' are running low. The pack includes approximately 70 small shells - authentic in every way and more trad...
 Your students will really love learning the time with these durable and colourful clocks. They can be hung on the wall, used by the teacher or by students. A hands-on learning tool...
DISKON! Perkara - Card sentence building game
 Bring fun back to the Secondary classroom by allowing students to build their own silly sentences. This unique new card game allows students to build sentences from grammatically c...
Wooden congklak NEW!
 This wooden congklak is intricately painted, both inside and out. It can be used as a classroom decoration or display piece and is also a fully functioning congklak game, complete...
Spinning tops
 These spinning tops, 'gasing', are the traditional tops that give children in Indonesia hours of fun. They will for your students too!...
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