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Wayang Kulit - Single or double set
 These finely-made wayang kulit are truly exquisite. Measuring approximately 30cm, they are ideal for carrying to class and are easily stored because of their size. The puppets have...
Wayang Golek
 Perfect for display in your classroom, these elegant wooden puppets are ornately decorated. With moving arms and head, they can also be used to perform puppet plays. They measure a...
Batik bag, folded
 This cute little batik bag can be used in your classroom for a variety of purposes:
used in role plays
used to show batik patterns

It's all f...
Plastic fruit
 Perfect for use in role-plays and bargaining, this set of 12 pieces of fruit may include belimbing, manggis, pisang and salak. At this price you could buy enough for a fruit stal...
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All prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD).