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Indonesian Recipe book for children - NEW!
 This colourful, new book is filled with modern and traditional recipes. The language is simple and the recipes are illustrated with colourful photographs. Some recipes have diffe...
Food bundle - NEW!
 This food bundle has everything you'll need for your Food Unit! The bundle includes:
1 Pedagang kaki lima toy (with batteries)
1 recipe book
1 set of plastic fru...
NEW! Not Parent approved Card game
 This is an English card game, perfect for your senior Primary, junior Secondary students. It involves groups, from 4-10 players, or many small groups within the class each choosin...
Japanese flag
 This Japanese flag is 70cm x 105cms and will make a perfect addition to your LOTE Japanese room. It can be fixed to a wall or window to brighten the room and engage the learners!...
Japanese paper map NEW!
 This paper map is approximately 84cm x 59cms and is bright and colourful. All names are written in Japanese , including geographical features....
Japanese play money NEW!
 This set of Japanese money includes both notes and plastic coins. There are 4 sets of 20 notes (1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000) and 4 lots of 5 coins, all encased in a plastic tray. ...
Japanese paper fan NEW!
 These 21cm fans are beautifully decorated and will make a great addition to your classroom. Students can hold them during oral presentations or role playing activities - sometimes...
Japanese stickers NEW!
 These Japanese merit stickers are great for adding to students work. There are three different sheets; keep trying, good work and excellent.
Each packet of stickers includes...
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