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Indonesian Flag
 Fly the Merah Putih! Every school teaching Indonesian needs one to show to the students and to fly on special language or cultural days!
The flag has three ties on the side,...
DISKON! Selendang / Sampur Dancing Scarf
 Beautiful, hand-made dancing scarves from Java. Used in a range of dances throughout Java, these fine cloth scarves are decorated with batik-motifs and measure approximately 1.5 me...
Indonesian Sign - NEW SIGNS!
 Display authentic signs from Indonesia in the classroom and throughout the school to teach new language and immerse your students in the culture. For example if you are teaching im...
Wayang Kulit - Single or double set
 These finely-made wayang kulit are truly exquisite. Measuring approximately 30cm, they are ideal for carrying to class and are easily stored because of their size. The puppets have...
DISKON! Mukena, Hijab in a handbag
 The Mukena is a gorgeous embroidered handbag, which has a flowing skirt and matching jilbab folded inside. Each handbag is about 25cms long and all are embroidered. The long flow...
 Used to combat everything from a cold, headache, stomach ache to building muscles and increasing your bust size! A great way to incorporate culture and language into your lesson, e...
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