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Activity One: Creative Writing

Level: Pre-Intermediate- Advanced

Skills: Writing

  1. The teacher shows the class an interesting picture. A picture of an interesting scene or person works well (see example).
  1. Ask the students to think of questions that cannot be answered from the picture. i.e. Siapa namanya? (What’s her name?) Dari mana? (Where’s she from?) The more creative the better the writing will be later so really push the students to make questions in the target language. You should try to get about 20 questions for a low level class and about 30 for a high level class covering everything from hobbies, job, family and hopes for the future.
  1. After brainstorming the questions and writing them on the board, students form small groups and think of answers to all the questions. These are creative answers from the students’ ideas but try to encourage them to be sensible.
  1. After they have answered all the questions, have the students work individually to write a story using the information they brainstormed as a group.
  1. After writing their response, the students can then check and read each others’ writing.
  1. Finally the students can write their stories out neatly or type them and they can be displayed along with the picture on the classroom wall.


This could also be done individually or in pairs where students are given different pictures and complete the same process except that they swap their questions and answers with another group.

The writing could be used to construct family trees, posters or a class book.


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