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Activity Two: Bargaining
Level: Intermediate

 Skills: Speaking, Reading and Writing

  1. The teacher gives each student one card showing a picture of a fruit/ vegetable or some food, i.e. chicken, milk (see examples). Also give each student the name one item they must get from another person.
  1.  Students move around the class with their item and ask other students Kamu mau membeli apa? (What do you want to buy?) and other students ask them the same question.
  1. When a student finds a person who wants what they have, then they give them the item. The student then has to continue to move around the class until finding the item he/she needs.
  1. Students use the items to write a dialogue between a shopkeeper/ seller and a customer. They can write the dialogue in pairs and act it out in front of the class.


This activity can be made simpler and depends on what question form the teacher wants the students to practice.

To make this activity more cultural, and to link in with a study of Indonesian markets, students could have to bargain to obtain the item they need. They could use the uang mainan rupiah and sell and buy goods as if they were in a market. (

This activity does not have to use food, it could be easily adapted to jobs, transport and hobbies, depending on the topic and focus language/ grammar that the teacher wants the students to practice.


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