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Activity Three: Langka Besar (Big Steps)

Level: Pre-Intermediate- Intermediate

Skills: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading

  1. The teacher displays five or six different flashcards on the board so that all students can see them.
  1. The teacher gives each student five or six little slips of blank paper
  1. The students must write one sentence using each of the words. The sentences could use one particular focus grammar point or revise a range of sentence forms that have been studied
  1. After the students have written their sentences on the paper (it may be necessary to help or check some studentsí attempts) they place their sentences in an envelope
  1. The teacher chooses five or six volunteers to each come out the front and hold one of the flashcards at the front of the class.
  1. Choose other students to pick a sentence from the envelope and read it. When the students at the front hear their word read they are allowed to take one step forward. The class must listen to check and if they take a wrong step, then the student who corrects them can take their place at the front.
  1. The first student to take five steps or reach a line marked on the floor wins the game.


Depending on the language level of the students, the sentences can be complex or very simple.

The teacher may need to check all the studentsí sentences so they could first write draft sentences in their books before copying them onto the slips of paper.

This game can also be played in five teams with each of the five people at the front representing their team. This will help to make the activity more competitive.


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