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Activity Four: Apa ini? (What’s this?)

Photographs of authentic images provide the perfect stimulus to get students talking. Culturally relevant images are not only going to develop the students understanding of the culture of the target language but can also develop the target language. The following activity is great for revising or practicing vocabulary.

Level: All

Skills: Speaking and Writing

  1. Teacher stands at the front of the classroom with flashcards. If you want to focus on one topic then use only the flashcards related to that topic, i.e. food, activities. If you want to revise a topic then use a mix of random flashcards
  1. Show one flashcard at a time and ask “What’s this?” The first student to put their hand up with the correct answer gets to keep the card.
  1. Continue until all the cards are finished and the student with the most cards wins.


This activity could be played in teams by splitting the class into groups.

To make this activity more difficult the students must use the word in a correct sentence using the target language. If they cannot do this then they cannot keep the card.

Alternatively, instead of the students calling out sentences, show a card and the first group to write a correct sentence on a piece of paper using the word keeps it.

This activity works well because it is fast paced and the students get really competitive so they are motivated and engaged.

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