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This activity might prove handy to keep students occupied and engaged in language learning. Students can make mini school uniforms (right) while learning or revising colours, clothes and learning about Indonesian culture.

I have used this basic lesson format for grade 2-6- it can be modified according to the language level.

  • Introduce the term seragam sekolah either by showing student pictures of Indonesian students in uniform or by bringing on the school's uniforms to class (there are sure to be a few spares somewhere). You can talk about the colour of the uniforms and contrast it with the colour of your students' uniforms.

  • Use big paper and have the students work in groups and trace around one of the group members. Use textas, crayons, scrap paper etc. to dress the outline in a school uniform. Ask the students to label the different parts of a uniform ie. pet, kemeja, celana pendek, sepatu etc. Students could also write the colour ie. celana pendek biru. More advanced students could write sentences ie. Dia memakai celana pendek biru.

  • Students could have their pictures hung around the room and then present their pictures to the class. They can briefly describe what the person is wearing. This moves from using the written form to a focus on speaking and a chance for the teacher to check pronunciation of key words.

  • This could lead into more developed sentence writing to contrast pictures ie. .

  • Move from focusing on the students' uniform to school uniforms in Indonesia. Explain how all students attending public schools wear the same colour at SD, SMP and SMA. If you have some Indonesian school uniforms, show them to the students and even ask a few of them to model the uniforms for the rest of the class.

  • This is the fun part! The students can make mini Indonesian school uniforms using white and red paper (or another colour if you don't want to make SD uniforms). Students only need half a piece of A4 white paper and fold it in half. About 1 centimetre from the top, students cut in about 3 centimetres from the left side. Then they do the same on the right side- but make sure the two cuts do not meet. They then need to fold these down on an angle to make the shirt collar. That is the trickiest part, the rest is easy. Students then cut sleeves on the sides and can use the red paper to make a skirt or shorts to glue to the shirt. They can draw some buttons or a school logo (Indonesian school). They can make a little red tie from paper too. These little uniforms look great and make a fantastic display when they are all stuck around the room.

  • I found that students really love making the mini uniforms and they love adding little details like a pocket, buttons, a tie and belt. They could make their school uniform the same way and then use the two uniforms to make a mobile or stick them on a piece of paper and label them.

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