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Irene Ritchie from Scotch College in Victoria came up with a few great ideas for using our flashcards with secondary students. She used a set of the JOBS flashcards but there are a range of different sets available and these ideas could be adapted for use with any of the sets.


Written by Irene Ritchie from Scotch College

There are eleven photo flash cards of Jobs. They are a part of a range of colourful sets which include Places, Transport, Food, House and Activities. They are A4 sized and are authentic photos from the streets, restaurants, palace and villages of Indonesia. They show a variety of scenes and clothing and the many and varied occupations of Indonesian people often quite different to those in Australia.

The photos include a street vendor, cook, housewife, teacher, singer, waiter, doctor, dancer, policemen, seller and a farmer. Pekerjaan itu termasuk pedagang kaki lima, pemasak, ibu rumah tangga, guru, penyanyi, pelayan, dokter, penari, polisi, penjual dan petani

The photos portray vivid scenes of Indonesian life. The “pedagang kaki lima” is cooking on the street; the cook is fanning her satay; the housewife sits on a wooden stool cooking on her dirt floor; the dancer is in ceremonial costume in the palace; the sellers are in the centre of a typical market and the farmer is carrying his age-old tools.

They can be used in a variety of ways. I put them on the white board while my students were performing a speaking task and asked each student to choose a character and play their speaking role as this character.

They are wonderful flash cards for learning jobs. I can see a range of other activities and games to play for students from K-12 classes.

  • The teacher picks an occupation and the students ask questions in Indonesian. Dia sedang apa? Bagaimana sifatnya? Dia memakai apa? The winner is the one who can guess in less than 10 questions.
  • A team game. The teacher holds up a picture and teams take it in turns to describe what is happening in the picture. If correct they win points.
  • One student has the flash card and describes it to the other student who must draw the person and guess their occupation. Eg Dia mempunyai banyak telur. Dia mempunyai banyak bawang putih. Dia duduk bersila sambil menjual.
  • Give each pair of students a card and their task is to enact a role play based on the picture.
  • Teach about clothes and describe the items of clothing in each person in the photo.
  • Tell The Truth. Divide the class into groups of 3. Each group is to have a photo. They have to describe the photo. Person 1 tells the truth. Person 2 gives 2 or 3 faults. Person 3 gives a false description. The class must work out the truth by looking at the photo.
  • Kancil. Place the pictures on the wall. Select a Kancil. The teacher calls out the name of the job. The Kancil must point to the correct picture. If incorrect, choose another Kancil.
  • Role-play an interview with a worker.
  • Produce a pamphlet on different jobs in Indonesia.
  • Produce a job advertisement for information in the photo.
  • Make up a comic strip with speech balloons on a day in the life of a person in the photo.
  • Write a conversation a tourist might have with a person in the photo.
  • Compare jobs with jobs in Australia.
  • Prepare a speech as the person in the picture showing the qualities of an article or service they wish to sell.
  • Photocopy the pictures and give out 1 between 2. Label all aspects of the photo in Indonesian.
  • List the benefits and advantages of the different jobs.

Some ideas from the producers of the photos include:

  • A true and false game-eg Ini penari – benar atau salah?
  • Using the jobs for visual cloze activities.
  • Give each group a different card. The groups write a list of questions relevant to the job. They then swap cards and questions and groups write up answers to those questions. A further extension is to write or orally tell the story of that person.
  • Give each student a card. Read out a pre- prepared story using all the cards and students hold their picture up when they hear it mentioned.
  • Celebrity heads. Blue-tack the photos above the students heads on the board.

The photo set is very useful for many levels of classes. The A4 size is most convenient. The colours, background scenery and the variety of people are very interesting and appealing for school students. The only limitation would be the number of photos. I would prefer a set of at least 15 to cater for activities where you would want a different photo for each pair of students and classes could include up to 30 students. More photos would add even more variety and I would definitely include a becak driver, and andong or dokar driver, a soldier and perhaps a tourist guide, engineer, typist, reporter, shop keeper, wood carver, batik worker, tailor and a dalang.

The photos provide an excellent insight into the varied working life of Indonesian people today.

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